About Us

Neomach was born by combining different experiences with a common goal that expresses in our MISSION: “Driven by passion, we want to become the world reference in the market“.

We have combined the artisan and industrial skills of more than 40 years of mechanical processing with the strong knowledge of technicians and specialists in the agricultural, land scraping, and road maintenance machinery sectors. These choices have built a heterogeneous work group, able to design and build machines that turn our motto into reality “Proudly well done!“.

innovazione Neomach


we want to become the world reference

Neomach project was born to bring innovation to the compact multifunction machine segment, building a new standard for the sector.
Saldatura - Produzione Neomach


More than 40 years of manufacturing experience

The "know-how" is an integral part of our DNA, thanks to many years of production experience in the mechanical sector.
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We always look to new goals

The market moves quickly, the needs of the customers change and the demands increase: we are ready to accept the challenges.


Our roots are firmly rooted in many years of experience in engineering and in the development of agricultural machinery.


We are a family business, aware of our corporate responsibility, also in creating a solid group.


We embrace the tradition of Italian design, because a product as well as functional can also be beautiful.


We have a background of solid skills regarding the best industrial and manufacturing technologies.


Our team includes experts, specialists, and awesome creators. We believe in the value of teamwork.


Our strategy is to build first-class products, using technology to implement reliability.


Proudly Well Done”. Where everything begins and our goal: to be synonymous with innovation, reliability, and trust.

Every component of our machines, every process, every activity, and service is born with this idea in mind: to bring our technicians, our collaborators, and our specialists to say “I am proud of this product”.

Our goal goes even further. Yes, because we want our partners to be proud of the product they offer to the market and we want the people who will use our machines to feel proud of the work done, arriving at the end of the day saying: “this is a job well done!” .