Engine power: 26HP
Tipping load: 1240 kg
Max lifting height: 2860 mm
Dimensions: H 1980 – L 980 – L 2530
Weight: ± 1600 kg + zavorre
Aux. hydraulic oil flow: 43 l/min

Hydraulic system

Standard hydraulic system controlled by proportional joystick with:
• multiconnector w/ 1 double acting
• 1 oil reflow
• 7-pin socket controlling 1 elecric actuator 1 electric actuator + 1 continuous electric control
• Possibility to memorize the hydraulic flow

Comfort and safety

• Ergonomic Joystick linked to the seat
• Independent driving platform suspended on silent blocks (patented)
• Digital display with sensors for all functions
• Safety lock system of all hydraulic movements with machine off or none on board


• Rear combined cooler liquid-oil
• Differential lock and anti-cavitation valve standard
• 4-wheel drive w/ hydraulic transmission - 1 hydraulic pump, 4 wheel motors
• Central telescopic boom with low encumbrance, max lifting height 2860 mm
• Floating boom and self-levelling standard
• Attachment coupling plate compatible with competitor models


“Proudly Well Done”. Where the story begins and our target: to stand for innovation, reliability and trust. Every single piece of our machines, every step we take has this clear goal: to let our technicians, our partners and our skilled specialist to say “I’m proud of this product”.

Our target is way above. We want our partners to be proud of the product they sell and the final users proud to say “this is a very well done job! ” at the end of the day.

Multifunctional machine

Nova is an articulated machine with hydrostatic transmission that stands out. The possibility of combining the machine with the most varied equipment allows it to be used in agriculture, gardening, construction, municipalities and much more. From the bucket to the pallet forks, up to shredders, sweepers, augers, snow clearing equipment; the possibilities of using Nova are innumerable, always combining precision, high efficiency, low consumption and complete comfort.

Proportional hydraulic system

Nova is the first in its category with proportional hydraulic system. Using the joystick, the operator has full control of the operations and performs movements with extreme precision. With the proportional system, the lifting and extension speed of the telescopic arm is precisely adjusted. The work is more precise and less stressful for the operator, who has full control of the boom's performance. The proportional system is standard, managed by a hydraulic distributor specially designed to ensure precision and reliability.

Compact dimensions

The market requires high-performance machines with compact dimensions, suitable for working in narrow spaces: stables, sidewalks, gardens, construction sites. Nova is a super-compact machine with performances superior to existing standards. Containing the dimensions to access restricted areas has led to the design of one of the most compact machines in the category, with performance worthy of larger series. Details such as the integrated weights and the foldable flashing light help to keep the overall dimensions of the machine to a minimum.

Silent block platform

"Work better" is one of the basic concepts of NEOMACH. The goal is to make it easier for the operator to use the machine, providing new solutions for driving comfort. The platform suspended on NEOMACH patented silent-block frees the driver's seat from vibrations and stresses on the frame and the ground. This allows the machine to be used for longer with less effort, making it easier to use and for more hours of work without excessively fatiguing those who drive the vehicle.